Back by dope demand. Yes­ter­day I returned from my love­ly trip to Italy. Dirty clothes are in the laun­dro­mat, I’ve caught up on paper­work and e-mail, now it’s time to start going through the huge amounts of pho­tos. Me and my girl­friend have man­aged to knock off the first few days, but I’ve got lit­er­al­ly thou­sands lying around (I know shouldn’t have bought a new cam­era…) So it’ll take a while before we’ve gone through ’em all. In the mean time the first few are up. Here’s my favourite of the batch.

A photo of the pantheon in Rome, Italy


Reboot 8.0 photos are up

I spend the morn­ing going through my pho­tos of Reboot 8.0. I had near 800 of them, so that was quite the exer­cise. Now there’s 147 in a set over at my Flickr account. It was nice to relive the whole expe­ri­ence while going through the shots, made me real­ize I saw and did a hell of a lot in two days. No won­der I was so tired when I got home.

Here’s my favorite shot of the set, apt­ly sum­ma­riz­ing the theme of this year’s event, “renais­sance?” with Ben Ham­mer­s­ley danc­ing around the stage flanked by Mona Lisa and a bat­tered Power­Book.

Ben Hammersley dancing around the stage flanked by Mona Lisa and a battered PowerBook

Xbox 360

Xbox 360 Orig­i­nal­ly uploaded by Kaeru.

Last thurs­day I got to try out the new Xbox 360 before it launched in the Nether­lands. The wire­less con­troller was nice, the graph­ics of both games I tried were as good as was to be expect­ed. But sad­ly — no inno­va­tions in game­play. I would’ve loved to see some mas­sive online games in action. That had to wait to after the launch of course. Some more shots over at Flickr.

56,7 km of snowy hell

56,7 km of snowy hell Orig­i­nal­ly uploaded by Kaeru.

Last night I had to get from Den Bosch to Utrecht. Pub­lic trans­port decid­ed to break down, we had a crazy snow storm, and the longest traf­fic jam total in Dutch his­to­ry (over 800 km at it’s height). My only option: take a taxi. Togeth­er with a south kore­an busi­ness man, who’d already missed his flight four times, I was in traf­fic for over three hours over a trip that’s less than 60 kms long. Crazy, crazy stuff! Here’s some shots of a snowy A2.