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  • “Mie­gakure is a plat­form game where you explore the fourth dimen­sion to solve puz­zles. Because humans can only see and move along three spa­tial dimen­sions, press­ing a but­ton allows to ‘swap’ one reg­u­lar dimen­sion with the fourth, invis­i­ble dimen­sion. Armed with this, the pro­tag­o­nist can see inside closed objects, walk through walls, move objects from one dimen­sion to anoth­er, hide under 3D shad­ows of 4D objects…” This is incred­i­bly cool, but also makes my brain hurt.

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  • “Right “now” (ear­ly June in 1666) the Eng­lish and Dutch are half-way through the Four Days Bat­tle at sea and so we get to read updates in “real time” as Pepys hears them. The first day he didn’t even men­tion what was going on. Yes­ter­day he was busy help­ing the war effort” A diary of a famous Eng­lish­man is being tweet­ed more or less in sync with “our” time. What a won­der­ful idea.

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