Yahoo! buys

Wow. Yahoo! con­tin­ues on it’s shop­ping spree. Now they’ve bought social book­mark ser­vice I guess I’m just glad I’ve already got an account with — oth­er­wise I’d have to strug­gle through Yahoo!‘s hor­ri­ble sign up process… Con­grats,!

Update: Dan Saf­fer writes about all the users bemoan­ing the takeover.

Xbox 360

Xbox 360 Orig­i­nal­ly uploaded by Kaeru.

Last thurs­day I got to try out the new Xbox 360 before it launched in the Nether­lands. The wire­less con­troller was nice, the graph­ics of both games I tried were as good as was to be expect­ed. But sad­ly — no inno­va­tions in game­play. I would’ve loved to see some mas­sive online games in action. That had to wait to after the launch of course. Some more shots over at Flickr.