56,7 km of snowy hell

56,7 km of snowy hell Orig­i­nal­ly uploaded by Kaeru.

Last night I had to get from Den Bosch to Utrecht. Pub­lic trans­port decid­ed to break down, we had a crazy snow storm, and the longest traf­fic jam total in Dutch his­to­ry (over 800 km at it’s height). My only option: take a taxi. Togeth­er with a south kore­an busi­ness man, who’d already missed his flight four times, I was in traf­fic for over three hours over a trip that’s less than 60 kms long. Crazy, crazy stuff! Here’s some shots of a snowy A2.

Sxip — Indentity 2.0

I final­ly got around to watch­ing this great pre­sen­ta­tion on the future of iden­ti­ty on the web. The con­cept is explained in an excel­lent way and the style is dynam­ic and humor­ous. I’d love to pull of a pre­sen­ta­tion like this some day.

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Please peo­ple. Lay off the Dan Brown. I can’t com­mute with­out see­ing at least one per­son read­ing a book of his. If you’re inter­est­ed in crack­pot the­o­ries about tem­plars, Jesus and San­gre­al – just pick up Holy Blood, Holy Grail (Brown stole bor­rowed all his Da Vin­ci Code ‘rev­e­la­tions’ from that book any­way). If you’re real­ly inter­est­ed in what con­spir­a­cy the­o­ries can do to a per­son, read Foucalt’s Pen­du­lum – a much, much bet­ter way to spend your time reading.

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BBC social software goodness

Lots of nice things appear­ing out of the Bee­b’s offices these days. Two recent projects that appeared on my radar: 

  • Anno­tat­able Audio is a project Tom Coates was involved with. It’s about wiki-style anno­ta­tion of online audio with some extreme­ly impres­sive Flash good­ness (such as live audio scrub­bing) thrown in for good measure.
  • The BBC archive will be opened up to the pub­lic using an IMDB-style web­site. Both Ben Ham­mer­s­ley and Matt Bid­dulph wrote about this. They’ve got amaz­ing high qual­i­ty meta­da­ta to work with — allow­ing all kinds of cross ref­er­enc­ing. It’s built with Ruby on Rails, allow­ing for plen­ty of AJAX niceness.
(Update: I admit the last one isn’t social soft­ware; but it’s still cool.)

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I want to be a tumblelogger

After stum­bling across Pro­jec­tion­ist and being pleas­ant­ly sur­prised, I start­ed to catch on to this new meme called tum­blel­og. Basi­cal­ly it’s about blog­ging small snipets of stuff, from lyrics, to IM tran­scripts to quotes to any­thingh real­ly, but with each bit in its own dis­tinct look & feel. 

Now to change Leapfroglog over to Leapfrogtumblelog…

A tumblelog

(Updat­ed to cor­rect some writ­ing.) (And a screenshot.)

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