MacBook at a glance

White MacBook product shot, courtesy of AppleSo today I dropped by both Apple stores that have recent­ly sprung up in the cen­tre of my home­town to check out the new Mac­Book. My thoughts in a nutshell:

The shiny screen isn’t as shiny as the xblack ones on Sony’s Vaios, I actu­al­ly kind of liked it.

The mat­te fin­ish on the black Mac­Book real­ly does get all oily and smudgy, like Derek already point­ed out a while ago.

The new key­board looks great. The spac­ing between the keys doesn’t both­er me since I have big hands, but the flat sur­face of the keys is an annoy­ance. Inter­est­ing­ly, the guy at the shop told me that the new key­board is sup­posed to pre­vent the keys from touch­ing the screen when closed – which is the only real prob­lem I have with my cur­rent 12” iBook G4.

All in all it looks like a real­ly sweet piece of hard­ware. Nev­er­the­less I think I’ll wait to see what prob­lems spring up with the first gen­er­a­tion and when those are fixed, prob­a­bly take the plunge.

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Signals from the Leapfrog offices

Or in oth­er words, what I’ve been up to, besides keep­ing myself busy over at

  1. Reboot 8 is shap­ing up to be anoth­er great con­fer­ence. I’m already look­ing for­ward to see­ing Matt Webb and Chris Heath­cote speak, among oth­ers. I’m also still think­ing about doing some­thing myself, the ques­tion is: what? 
  2. While we’re on the top­ic of con­fer­ences, make sure you don’t miss The Web and Beyond — the 10th annu­al SIGCHI.NL event. I’ve been help­ing with the organ­i­sa­tion and must say it’s promis­ing to be an inter­est­ing look at the web 2.0 phe­nom­e­non from an inter­ac­tion design perspective. 
  3. I have a heap of arti­cles and posts lying around wait­ing to be fed to my account (I actu­al­ly read all that stuff before both­er­ing you with it). Now to just find the time to tag them all – to think this stuff is sup­posed to have a low cog­ni­tive load! 
  4. Right after vis­it­ing Reboot 8 I’ll be off to beau­ti­ful Italy for some much need­ed R&R. Be sure to keep an eye on my Flickr pho­to­stream for slight­ly crap­py cam­er­a­phone shots of Napels, Rome, Flo­rence and Venice. Look­ing for­ward to that! 
  5. Final­ly, you may have won­dered about the “mar­tial arts enthu­si­ast” bit in this blog’s intro­duc­tion. Between all of the above I’m get­ting myself ready for some exam­i­na­tions in Take­da Ryu this sum­mer. When I get back from Vien­na, I hope to be a cer­ti­fied teacher’s assis­tant and sec­ond dan in Aiki­do. Wish me luck.
Now back to our reg­u­lar pro­gram­ming – death­ly silence while I get some more client work out the door.

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