56,7 km of snowy hell

56,7 km of snowy hell Orig­i­nal­ly uploaded by Kaeru.

Last night I had to get from Den Bosch to Utrecht. Pub­lic trans­port decid­ed to break down, we had a crazy snow storm, and the longest traf­fic jam total in Dutch his­to­ry (over 800 km at it’s height). My only option: take a taxi. Togeth­er with a south kore­an busi­ness man, who’d already missed his flight four times, I was in traf­fic for over three hours over a trip that’s less than 60 kms long. Crazy, crazy stuff! Here’s some shots of a snowy A2.

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  1. Glad you arrived home safe­ly! Nice pic­tures. I won­dered how much this taxidrive cost­ed you. Poor dri­ver, he had to go back of course ;-)

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