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A few more shots of Florence

Despite the heat and humid­i­ty this evening I got around sort­ing through a few more pho­tos tak­en in Flo­rence. Around 50 new ones have been added to the set. You can start at the first new one here.

I’d like to treat you to a nice exam­ple of serendip­i­ty. Here’s a pho­to I took of some stained glass win­dows depict­ing the agnus dei:

Stained glass

Now check out this pho­to by Rich Nur­combe… Weird.

YouTube is a spam machine!

Recent­ly, I was try­ing to import some con­tacts from Gmail to YouTube. After going through a Plaxo dia­log to select all my con­tacts, I assumed the next step would be to see who of those con­tacts were on YouTube. I thought wrong, in stead the ser­vice has e‑mailed every address I import­ed (almost 200) an invi­ta­tion to con­nect with me with­out my explic­it con­sent.

YouTube logo

Nat­u­ral­ly, I’m quite upset about the whole sit­u­a­tion and have decid­ed to at least offer my apolo­gies for both­er­ing any­one with this spam. If you’ve received a YouTube invi­ta­tion from frog1980 and thought it was inap­pro­pri­ate, I’m very sor­ry to have unwont­ed­ly both­ered you.

Also, I hope some­one of YouTube reads this and will make it a point to recon­sid­er the way import­ing con­tacts works. Spam­ming my friends with­out my con­sent is not a cool thing to do.

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Back with a black label

Just a short post to check in. I arrived back from Vien­na this week­end. The week’s train­ing was a lot of fun, very hot and quite suc­cess­ful. I man­aged to pass all my exam­i­na­tions which means I’m 2nd dan Take­da Ryu aiki­do now, and have received my assis­tants-license. Huzzah!

I did­n’t take that many pho­tos, most of them after a day’s train­ing, but there’s a few up at Flickr now. Here’s my favourite shot:

Dogi hanging to dry

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