Leapfroglog now with MonsterID

MonsterID for Kars Alfrink

Just a quick note to let my read­ers know the com­ments are now adorned with cute lit­tle Mon­sterIDs. I used this cool plug-in to gen­er­ate unique mon­ster pic­tures based on the email address a com­menter leaves behind. Curi­ous what yours looks like? Leave a com­ment and see. The image shown here is my mon­ster (based on kars at leapfrog dot nl).

I used to have gra­vatars, but they did­n’t work as well because hard­ly any com­menters actu­al­ly have a gra­vatar reg­is­tered. These Mon­sterIDs do the hard work for the user. I like hav­ing images in the com­ments to be able to quick­ly see who com­ment­ed and which com­ments are from the same user. It also helps tell apart peo­ple that leave behind the same name.

And, of course, these mon­sters look great!

Sxip — Indentity 2.0

I final­ly got around to watch­ing this great pre­sen­ta­tion on the future of iden­ti­ty on the web. The con­cept is explained in an excel­lent way and the style is dynam­ic and humor­ous. I’d love to pull of a pre­sen­ta­tion like this some day.

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