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  • “Spy Par­ty is two-play­er game with one play­er tak­ing the role of the spy and the oth­er tak­ing the role of the sniper. The spy may be one of any num­ber of par­ty guests, joined by an ambas­sador and a dou­ble agent. The spy has four tasks to com­plete: Bug the ambas­sador, steal a stat­ue, trans­fer a micro­film and con­tact the dou­ble agent. The sniper has just one task: iden­ti­fy and assas­si­nate the spy.” This game sounds excel­lent. I want to play it now.
  • “So here it is: all recent urban plans I saw where based on the assump­tion that some sort of growth (demo­graph­ic, eco­nom­ic) would pro­pel the city back into the lime­light. Now that this assump­tion has been slashed we need to rethink our urban strate­gies. What will the city look like in a con­tract­ing world?”

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  • “The only way to be a Post Dig­i­tal busi­ness is to be a thor­ough­ly, deeply, mas­sive­ly dig­i­tal one. To be dig­i­tal in cul­ture not just in capa­bil­i­ties. To know how to iter­ate in pub­lic, to do exper­i­ments not research, to recog­nise that it’s quick­er and bet­ter to code some­thing than it is to describe it in meet­ings. You need to be part of the wider dig­i­tal cul­ture, to have good shar­ing habits, to give cred­it where it’s due, and at the very least to know how to do ellipses in Pro­cess­ing.” Duly noted.

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  • “…the most fun­da­men­tal acts of design are essen­tial­ly a com­bi­na­tion of tal­ent and prac­tice. Like a sport or a musi­cal instru­ment – per­for­mance, not process…” Of inter­est main­ly because I am look­ing for new ways to frame design for stu­dents and trainees. Meth­ods in stead of process­es might be a help­ful approach.