Reboot buzz

So, Reboot 7.0 has come and gone. I’m sit­ting here, just got back to my hotel from the after­par­ty at Vega. Sup­pos­ed­ly the hottest club in Copen­hagen. Lone­ly Plan­et was right about the amount of obscene­ly good look­ing and well dressed peo­ple present. Good times.

Before I go to sleep just a thought about how to incor­po­rate at least parts of what I’ve seen and heard these two days into my dai­ly prac­tice as a design­er. Peo­ple like Jason Fried and Matt Webb real­ly push me to become a bet­ter pro­fes­sion­al. We’ll see where it’ll go.

Also, had a lot of fun with two peo­ple from the friend­ly com­pe­ti­tion over at Rhi­nofly. Greet­ings to Nico­l­ine and Jur­gen!

Look­ing for­ward to see­ing you again, Netherlands…

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What is mobile life really about? — Christian Lindholm

Great moment at Reboot: Chris­t­ian Lind­holm of Nokia asks every­one who owns an iPod to stand up. More than half of the audi­ence rise. Then he asks every­one to take the iPod out of their pock­et. Two peo­ple do. 

If you’re not in the pock­et, you’re not mobile.”
If it’s not in the pock­et, it’s not mobile.”
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Reboot 7 1st impressions

Right. So, the first half day of Reboot has passed. Some first impressions: 

  • The venue is pret­ty cool. It’s an old glass fac­to­ry on the out­skirts of Copen­hagen. Refit­ted as a sports facility.
  • Excel­lent sand­wich­es for lunch (and excel­lent serving)
  • Blog, blog, blog­blog­blog; Reboot is pret­ty heavy on the blog­ging scene
  • Did we men­tion blogging? ;-)
  • The hotel room reminds us of either a for­mer Russ­ian sub­ma­rine, or a cab­in at the Star­ship Enterprise
  • Two kinds of peo­ple at this con­fer­ence: those with and those with­out a lap­top (or blog)
More to come!

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