links for 2009-12-08

  • “The 24 com­pris­es a live elec­tron­ic dis­play in the pub­lic site of a bus shel­ter on which a text unfolds each day, span­ning a peri­od of twen­ty-four hours. The work devel­ops at the rate of one phrase per minute, total­ing 1440 phras­es, each describ­ing imag­ined sounds, events, sights and con­ver­sa­tions from a city, shift­ing in mood and con­tent as each day pro­gress­es to night. […] At night, between mid­night and 6am, the writ­ing is manip­u­lat­ed live by a com­put­er pro­gram that cre­ates new com­bi­na­tions of action, image and event from the exist­ing text — a sam­pling and remix­ing process that pro­duces increas­ing­ly poet­i­cal, unlike­ly and unset­tling possibilities.”
  • Dig­ging up old stuff by Rus­sel and Chris and Adam about screens for a work­shop I’m work­ing on. I par­tic­u­lar­ly like what Rus­sel has to say about the dan­gers of the pro­lif­er­a­tion of glow­ing rec­tan­gles in urban space: “My con­cern is that we’ll end up blun­der­ing into cities plas­tered with the equiv­a­lent of flash ban­ners and microsites. […] and half of me sus­pects we’re going to end up with Blade Run­ner direct­ed by the peo­ple who brought you Orang­i­na and Cil­lit Bang.”

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