links for 2009-07-21

  • “a recon­fig­urable grid of back­lit key­pads which con­nects to a com­put­er. inter­ac­tion between the keys and lights is deter­mined by the appli­ca­tion run­ning on the com­put­er. there is no hard-wired func­tion­al­i­ty” I love the fact that these are (appar­ent­ly) made in a barn in the Catskill Mountains.

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Kars Alfrink

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  1. The guy who runs cab­fa­blab builds them in the Hague they are for sale online. I can lookup his URL if you want…

  2. I’m not plan­ning on buy­ing one, but it would be inter­est­ing to meet the guy and see the work hap­pen­ing in The Hague sometime.

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