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  1. To real­ly answer that I’d have to play it first. But judg­ing from the stuff I’ve read and their own site there is lit­tle direct social inter­ac­tion required to play the game. Most of the action hap­pens on the screen of your device. But as Nicole Laz­zaro says:

    It’s the peo­ple that are addic­tive not the game.”

    It would be inter­est­ing to set some­thing like this up with mul­ti­lat­er­al com­pe­ti­tion at a small­er but more intense scale.

  2. The game is sup­posed to be an enabler of more social inter­ac­tion not a con­se­quence of it, but I’ve already seen reports of side com­pe­ti­tions and rich back chan­nel dia­logues sprout­ing forth from it.

    But you’re right, we’ll know when we get to play it.

  3. What I meant to say was that the game could be designed to require peo­ple to phys­i­cal­ly inter­act, in real time and space, in stead of it all being medi­at­ed through the mobile device. 

    Do keep me post­ed if you get some­thing like this run­ning in NL. I’d love to join in.

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