Playful IAs — slides for my Euro IA Summit 2007 talk

After a con­sid­er­able amount of fid­dling with SlideShare I’ve final­ly man­aged to upload a ver­sion of the slides that go with my Play­ful IAs pre­sen­ta­tion. This more or less as I pre­sent­ed it at the Euro IA Sum­mit 2007 and includes an approx­i­mate tran­script of my talk. I hope to get an audio/video record­ing of most of it in the near future as well. When I do I’ll update this page.

Update: I’ve post­ed a short sum­ma­ry of the cen­tral argu­ment of my talk.

Down­load a ver­sion includ­ing an approx­i­mate tran­script (14,5 MB).

I had some great reac­tions to this talk and I want to thank all the peo­ple who engaged with me in dis­cus­sions after­wards. It’s giv­en me a good pic­ture of what areas I should devel­op fur­ther in future sub­se­quent talks. I’m also pleas­ant­ly sur­prised to see that con­trary to what some peo­ple think, the IA com­mu­ni­ty (the Euro­pean one at least) is very much open to new ideas. That’s real­ly nice to expe­ri­ence firsthand.

A lot of peo­ple asked for a list of books and oth­er good sources on the top­ics I cov­ered. Here’s an incom­plete list of stuff I’ve used at some stage to inform my thinking:

If that does­n’t keep you busy for a while, you could always have a dig through my links. There’s plen­ty of good stuff there. Of course of if you ever find any­thing you think would be of inter­est to me, do let me know. Just tag it for:kaeru.

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19 thoughts on “Playful IAs — slides for my Euro IA Summit 2007 talk”

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  4. Great pre­sen­ta­tion Kars, you took it up anoth­er lev­el! A pity I was­n’t there to see you present it, but I sup­pose we will talk about it soon.

  5. Thanks Iskan­der, you’re too kind! :-) If you like I can do the high speed / high con­tent ver­sion when I’m in NL.

  6. Thanks for your pre­sen­ta­tion on the euroia this year Kars, it was eas­i­ly the most enthu­si­as­tic pre­sen­ta­tion I did see and also one of the best. It cer­tain­ly got me think­ing and I am sure I am not the only one.

    I high­ly advise every­body to watch this presentation.

  7. I’m glad even you, who asked me after­wards what the pre­sen­ta­tion had to do with IA, appre­ci­at­ed it Don. ;-) Thanks for the kind words!

  8. @Holger: Nice pre­sen­ta­tion, it reminds me a lot of these two talks by Amy Jo Kim. I’m not sure I agree with your broad def­i­n­i­tion of what a game mechan­ic is, but I am total­ly on board with the idea of blur­ring the lines between IA/IxD and GD. Have you seen Dan Saf­fer­’s recent talk about apply­ing game design to UX? High­ly recommended.

    I’m not in Berlin for the Web 2.0 thing (would have liked to see the talk by Sam­po and Alice). If you want to chat, just drop me a line.

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