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  1. Nice one Kars, I was real­ly inter­est­ed to read ‘Web Typog­ra­phy Sucks’. Thanks!

    As far as quote marks for the Dutch lan­guage are con­cerned: the cor­rect marks are: „Quote”

    I was forced to use com­mas and apos­tro­phes here because the actu­al marks are unavail­able on my US key­board. Few peo­ple (if any) are using these marks any­more, pre­sum­ably because of this reason.

    So we just use the Eng­lish marks. We should use them in the way Rut­ter and Boul­ton point out in the PDF.

    While we’re at it: in Dutch use sin­gle quote marks (apos­tro­phes) for quotes with­in quotes, and to indi­cate that a spe­cif­ic word has a spe­cial status.

  2. Hi Aart­jan, wel­come to my blog. (Love your Mon­sterID, by the way, it’s very you!)

    Word­Press and Mark­down ‘edu­cate’ the text on this blog, so cer­tain inap­pro­pri­ate char­ac­ters get trans­formed after pub­lish­ing to the right ones. This way you can just use the keys on your key­board and not trou­ble your­self with typ­ing in ASCII codes by hand.

    You should find a web stan­dards guy to work with and pub­lish the equiv­a­lent of Rut­ter & Boul­ton’s stuff for the Dutch lan­guage. That would be a hit in the Dutch web scene for sure! 

    By the way — what would you con­sid­er to be the de fac­to styleguides for the Dutch language?

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