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Yes­ter­day I pre­sent­ed my talk on mobile gam­ing at the 6th Pecha Kucha Night in Rotterdam’s Off_Corso. I was pro­grammed as the first speak­er, which was excit­ing (and also allowed me to ben­e­fit from the pri­ma­cy effect, as my girl­friend point­ed out). Col­league Iskan­der was kind enough to record the whole thing on his N70 (fit­ting­ly) and I present it here for your enjoy­ment or aggra­va­tion, whichev­er you pre­fer (please take note that the talk is in Dutch). The slides I used are over at SlideShare.

I’m still not sure the sub­ject mat­ter was appro­pri­ate for the event, con­sid­er­ing the major­i­ty of speak­ers were either graph­ic design­ers, autonomous artists or archi­tects. The crowd might’ve been a bit under­whelmed by my com­mer­cial and pop cul­tur­al ref­er­ences. Oh well, I had fun, I guess that’s the most impor­tant thing.

Many thanks to Nadine and Bart of Hunk Design for let­ting me loose on stage. ‘Nuff respect to all the pre­sen­ters for tak­ing the trou­ble of prepar­ing a pre­sen­ta­tion. There were plen­ty of cool and inspir­ing ideas on show. Final­ly, thanks to the cre­ators of all the images I used, you can find the cred­its in the SlideShare show.

Update: I’ve delet­ed my YouTube account so here’s an embed of the video on Vimeo:

Mobile Game Direc­tions @ Pecha Kucha Night Rot­ter­dam from Kaeru on Vimeo.

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11 thoughts on “My Mobile Game Directions Pecha Kucha”

  1. You did a great job! One of the few that uses the unique for­mat of the pecha kucha pre­sen­ta­tion to cre­ate some­thing extra (in stead of doing a nor­mal pre­sen­ta­tion with some exter­nal lim­its).

  2. Love­ly slides! It reminds me a bit of jan chipchase’s pre­sen­ta­tion style. Great graph­ics, min­i­mal text, sup­port­ing a nar­ra­tive. Real­ly excel­lent stuff… wish I coul­da heard the talk.

  3. Jonathan, thanks a bunch for the kind com­ments. It’s great to have a ser­vice like Slideshare to eas­i­ly exchange pre­sen­ta­tions. Real­ly nice work.

  4. Kars, you did a great job. But Iskan­der, you to. This is good for a big steak. Thanks, Nico­lette and Ben.

  5. Ha die ma, Iskan­der is vega, dus een bief­s­tuk is miss­chien niet de beste beloning! :-)

    Den­nis: graag gedaan, leuk dat je er bij was.

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