Moo’s cool

Moo cards package Sil­ly title, I know. Sor­ry Chris.

I received my free set of 10 Flickr call­ing cards. They’re great, I’ll order more soon and give the nice peo­ple at Moo some of my money.

Would­n’t it be great to have a ‘send to Moo cue queue’ but­ton some­where in Flickr? So any­time I see a pho­to I want a print of, I can just fire it off and for­get about it until I’m ready to order a batch.

Here’s some (mediocre) shots of the out of box expe­ri­ence.

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Kars Alfrink

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4 thoughts on “Moo’s cool”

  1. why not tag the pho­tos you want future­moocard, and then col­lect them all the end.

  2. That’s a pret­ty good idea Willis, I might try that. Thanks for drop­ping by and leav­ing a comment. :-)

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