Playful IAs — slides for my Euro IA Summit 2007 talk

After a considerable amount of fiddling with SlideShare I’ve finally managed to upload a version of the slides that go with my Playful IAs presentation. This more or less as I presented it at the Euro IA Summit 2007 and includes an approximate transcript of my talk. I hope to get an audio/video recording of most of it in the near future as well. When I do I’ll update this page.

Update: I’ve posted a short summary of the central argument of my talk.

Download a version including an approximate transcript (14,5 MB).

I had some great reactions to this talk and I want to thank all the people who engaged with me in discussions afterwards. It’s given me a good picture of what areas I should develop further in future subsequent talks. I’m also pleasantly surprised to see that contrary to what some people think, the IA community (the European one at least) is very much open to new ideas. That’s really nice to experience firsthand.

A lot of people asked for a list of books and other good sources on the topics I covered. Here’s an incomplete list of stuff I’ve used at some stage to inform my thinking:

If that doesn’t keep you busy for a while, you could always have a dig through my links. There’s plenty of good stuff there. Of course of if you ever find anything you think would be of interest to me, do let me know. Just tag it for:kaeru.

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19 thoughts on “Playful IAs — slides for my Euro IA Summit 2007 talk”

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  4. Great presentation Kars, you took it up another level! A pity I wasn’t there to see you present it, but I suppose we will talk about it soon.

  5. Thanks for your presentation on the euroia this year Kars, it was easily the most enthusiastic presentation I did see and also one of the best. It certainly got me thinking and I am sure I am not the only one.

    I highly advise everybody to watch this presentation.

  6. I’m glad even you, who asked me afterwards what the presentation had to do with IA, appreciated it Don. ;-) Thanks for the kind words!

  7. @Holger: Nice presentation, it reminds me a lot of these two talks by Amy Jo Kim. I’m not sure I agree with your broad definition of what a game mechanic is, but I am totally on board with the idea of blurring the lines between IA/IxD and GD. Have you seen Dan Saffer’s recent talk about applying game design to UX? Highly recommended.

    I’m not in Berlin for the Web 2.0 thing (would have liked to see the talk by Sampo and Alice). If you want to chat, just drop me a line.

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