Nobody Beats the Drum — Nat­ur­al Thing (by nobody­beat­s­the­drum)

Been neglect­ing the ani­mal theme a bit. Was remind­ed to keep pay­ing atten­tion by Iskan­der (thanks!) This clip is like an alter­nate take on Pig Chase. I par­tic­u­lar­ly like how the ani­mals escape from their box at the end of the video.

I should men­tion these guys have a rep­u­ta­tion for going a bit crazy on their videos. Have a look at this mak­ing of, for example.

(via Pale­o­fu­ture — Pale­o­fu­ture Blog — 1999 A.D. (1967))

What’s jar­ring about this clip is not how they got the tech wrong: “Most food will be stored frozen in indi­vid­ual por­tions. […] The var­i­ous por­tions are fed auto­mat­i­cal­ly into the microwave oven for a few sec­onds of deep thaw­ing or warm­ing.” Sounds about right.

No, what irks me is the extrap­o­la­tion of a Mad Men like cul­ture of female servi­tude to men doing absolute­ly noth­ing. I guess that’s where future visions go wrong most­ly. Tech almost seems more pre­dictable than the cul­ture sur­round­ing it.

Nice restrained inter­ac­tion design project by Sebas­ti­aan Pij­nap­pel. Some com­ments on the design from a Co.Design arti­cle:

He [Pij­nap­pel] says he took spe­cial inspi­ra­tion from lay­ing amidst high grass in a park.

As you lift your head up slight­ly you can just about see a few peo­ple walk by. You see them, but they don’t see you, or at least that’s the sense of secu­ri­ty and pri­va­cy you have,” he says, “You low­er your head back down and every­one and every­thing is blocked from your sight again. Just as eas­i­ly, swip­ing the grass halms aside expos­es you, putting you in the same space as them and allow­ing you to say hi.”

Odd bit of video which appar­ent­ly records the first encounter between Bel­gian film-mak­er Jean-Pierre Dutilleux and a Papuan tribe which had nev­er come into con­tact with “the white man”.

What dis­turbs me is the fact that, except for the bit at the end, the sound­track is replaced with some type of world music. It’s also impos­si­ble to tell to what extent this is staged.

But it did make me try to imag­ine nev­er hav­ing seen your­self in a mir­ror. And the bit at the end, where tribes­men play with a tape recorder does have sound, and is there­fore by far the most interesting.

Jean-Pierre Dutil­leaux (via The tribe of Toulam­bis comes first into con­tact with white | Video­Man)

I’m a suck­er for coop­er­a­tive boardgames. This one — Flash Point: Fire Res­cue — was point­ed out to me by Tijn, the pro­pri­etor of my favorite local game store Sub­cul­tures. Need to play it soon.

Mechan­i­cal­ly, the abil­i­ty to car­ry over action points to sub­se­quent turns is interesting.

And of course, you’ve got to love the mon­tage of stock fire­fight­ing pho­tos set to music here. To hell with objec­tive reviews.

(via indieboard­sand­cards — Flash Point: Fire Res­cue)