Odd bit of video which appar­ent­ly records the first encounter between Bel­gian film-mak­er Jean-Pierre Dutilleux and a Papuan tribe which had nev­er come into con­tact with “the white man”.

What dis­turbs me is the fact that, except for the bit at the end, the sound­track is replaced with some type of world music. It’s also impos­si­ble to tell to what extent this is staged.

But it did make me try to imag­ine nev­er hav­ing seen your­self in a mir­ror. And the bit at the end, where tribes­men play with a tape recorder does have sound, and is there­fore by far the most interesting.

Jean-Pierre Dutil­leaux (via The tribe of Toulam­bis comes first into con­tact with white | Video­Man)

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