Head­ing back from Big Broth­er Awards. Hans and his team at Bits of Free­dom put on a good show. A few things of note: The lady from the pri­ma­ry edu­ca­tion coun­cil using “game” as a metaphor to explain adap­tive dig­i­tal learn­ing mate­ri­als. The ridicu­lous faux cable response from the min­istry of safe­ty and jus­tice to Opstel­ten win­ning an award, which I wish but don’t expect will back­fire on them hor­rif­i­cal­ly. Hans using the con­cept of “leg­i­bil­i­ty” to shift the focus of the dig­i­tal rights move­ment on to increased diver­si­ty. A high per­cent­age of female speak­ers on stage. Snow­den get­ting a stand­ing ova­tion. It was a good night, if only to ral­ly the troops.