Rough notes for Doc Searls — Keynote

He’s in busi­ness drag (kin­da like Ben). Dropped it into puddle.

Mar­kets 2.0

Beyond a whole bunch of isms.

Mar­kets are con­ver­sa­tions: they’re not just (a whole bunch of things). Stuff that reduces is to transactions.

Want­ed change it.

Mar­kets used to be real places, where cul­ture was produced.

Feed­back on Clue­train from the real marketplace:

Mar­kets are also relationships.

Also trans­ac­tions, and conversations. 

Killer app is rela­tion­ships. We’re just begin­ning to see it.

Search for Reboot 8 on Google. Rel­a­tive­ly sta­t­ic stuff, not live. 

Yahoo! and Google actu­al­ly do search the live web. 

They make a dis­tinc­tion between blogs and the web.

Shows Google Blog search results, pret­ty live.

Tech­no­rati — pret­ty live. (I’m there too!)

Why is Tech­no­rati inno­vat­ing where Google is just performing?

It depends on where we come from.

Google comes from the sta­t­ic web.

Why make a dis­tinc­tion between blogs and the web?

They could mix them in…

There’s branch­ing off going on.

Branch­ing between time and space.

Sta­t­ic: looks for bil­lions Live: lis­ten­ing to millions

time-to-index of under one minute

Respond only to signs of life.

Live web is time and peo­ple, those that have relationships…

Sta­t­ic web is a haystack, here’s one vir­tu­al straw… [url]

Every­thing after domain name is chaos, that’s why we need search.

Live web is orga­nized chrono­log­i­cal­ly. Isn’t a haystack, it has struc­ture. It has a history.

we are human beings and our reach exceeds your grasp, deal with it”

live web, demand sup­plies itself

on sta­t­ic web too but slower

Live web is a lot more than blogging

Best blog­ging is pro­vi­sion­al not fin­ished or final

indus­tri­al pub­lish­ers cre­ate fin­ished products

best of blog­ging is about rolling snow­balls, not push­ing rocks up the hill

you roll out an idea, if it grows and gets some­where it’s not yours

pod­cast­ing as exam­ple of snowballing

The great unbundling: e.g. YouTube, Tivo (video)…

More con­tent: hor­ri­ble world, sounds like pack­ag­ing, you can’t snow­ball it, it’s fixed.

It’s about con­sumers becom­ing producers. 

Val­ue chain is replaced with val­ue constellation. 

Live web will help dri­ve the inten­tion econ­o­my. ETech: atten­tion econ­o­my, eye­balls — crap. Move to intention.

atten­tion > deci­sion > intention

This is vir­gin the­o­ry, most­ly because we’ve been focussed on marketing.

Why are sales & mar­ket­ing VPs from sales and not marketing?

Sales is real, mar­ket­ing is strate­gic… Mar­ket­ing is bullshit.

Searls law #14: it does­n’t mat­ter what car you want to rent you’ll get a Chevy Cavalier.

His car sucks… so he rents cars.

Car rental is good study for inde­pen­dent iden­ti­ty. They’re all bad.

On the web they’re all mar­ket­ing silos. 

Rent­ing from Bud­get: he might get a Ford Focus. Good han­dling, MP3’s. But he gets a Chevy Cavalier.

Less focus on cap­tur­ing cos­tumers and try­ing to meet demand and improve ser­vice and enlarge marketplace.

Users have lots of rela­tion­ships that are use­ful, they have needs that aren’t in CRM.

Inten­tion econ­o­my has inad­e­quate infra­struc­ture. Free mar­ket is still choice of silos.

We need to know how civ­i­liza­tion grows, pace lay­er­ing, Long Now, Stu­art Brand.

Mar­kets rely on infra­struc­ture. Grow a mar­ket? Cre­ate infrastructure.

Com­merce con­tributes infra­struc­ture, infra­struc­ture sup­ports commerce.

Earth to com­put­er indus­try: com­modi­ties are good!

Hol­ly­wood wants a silo.

Com­merce gov­erns infra­struc­ture and the natives can go to hell.

Will the net route around Hol­ly­wood and the carriers?

Enor­mous pow­er of because-effect.

Fight for new civ­i­liza­tion. Net wants to be as fast and open as your hard drive.

Car­ri­ers will fight that knowl­edge. Workarounds: enter­pris­ing customers.

Peo­ple are already fight­ing. Bet on the people.

E.g. Lafayette Pro Fibre, Munic­i­pal Wireless.

Let’s talk…