I think hard times are com­ing when we will be want­i­ng the voic­es of writ­ers who can see alter­na­tives to how we live now and can see through our fear-strick­en soci­ety and its obses­sive tech­nolo­gies to oth­er ways of being, and even imag­ine some real grounds for hope. We will need writ­ers who can remem­ber free­dom. Poets, visionaries—the real­ists of a larg­er reality.

I haven’t read much of Le Guin’s work, but what I have impressed me by its great human­ism. “Real­ists of a larg­er real­i­ty” is a great way to describe what attracts me in spec­u­la­tive fiction.

(via “We will need writ­ers who can remem­ber free­dom”: Ursu­la K Le Guin at the Nation­al Book Awards — park­er hig­gins dot net)

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