Revive (and des­tig­ma­tise) social hous­ing, so that we can live well yet cheap­ly. Make all high­er edu­ca­tion free at the point of use, in order that the cog­ni­tive gap between the “serv­ing” and the “ser­viced” class­es become even more unten­able. Strong­ly reg­u­late cap­i­tal­ism (short­er work­ing weeks, citizen’s incomes, pow­er­ful pub­lic infra­struc­tures and net­works) so that men, women and chil­dren can exper­i­ment with new mix­es of the pro­duc­tive and the emo­tion­al in our lives. In short: sup­port our auton­o­my, don’t pre­scribe our happiness.

Not well­be­ing, but well­be­com­ing | Com­ment is free |

More post-Play-Eth­ic Pat Kane, argu­ing for sup­port­ive but non-pre­scrip­tive gov­ern­ment. Gov­ern­ment as play coach.

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