And the very idea of games crit­i­cism risks balka­niz­ing games writ­ing from oth­er writ­ing, sev­er­ing it from the rivers and fields that would sus­tain it. Games crit­i­cism is sub­sis­tence crit­i­cism. There’s not enough land to till in games alone. Nor in lit­er­a­ture alone, nor in toast­ers alone. God save us from a future of games crit­ics, gnaw­ing on scraps like the zom­bies that fes­ter in our objects of study.

What games need? | Crit­i­cal Proximity

Bogost on games crit­i­cism at Crit­i­cal Dis­tance clear­ly artic­u­lates why I enjoy cer­tain crit­i­cism more than oth­ers. I pre­fer the kind that is aware of not just the field it is work­ing in.

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