On March 28, 2011, a man who calls him­self Kurt J. Mac loaded a new game of Minecraft. As the land­scape filled in around his char­ac­ter, Mac sur­veyed the blocky, pixel­lat­ed trees, the cloud-draped moun­tains, and the wad­dling sheep. Then he start­ed walk­ing. His goal for the day was sim­ple: to reach the end of the uni­verse. Near­ly three years lat­er, Mac, who is now thir­ty-one, is still walk­ing. He has trekked more than sev­en hun­dred vir­tu­al kilo­me­tres in a hun­dred and eighty hours. At his cur­rent pace, Mac will not reach the edge of the world, which is now near­ly twelve thou­sand kilo­me­tres away, for anoth­er twen­ty-two years.

A Jour­ney to the End of the World (of Minecraft) : The New Yorker

Anoth­er one to file under humans-doing–extraordinary-things-with-game-glitches.

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Kars Alfrink

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