links for 2008-09-12

  • “For me, a piece of A3 paper and a few big pens are all I need — ideas, con­nec­tions, words and sketch­es, empha­sis and deci­sions can flow freely with­out hav­ing to do bat­tle with some­one else’s idea of how my mind should be mapped and organ­ised. I’m all for typ­ing ini­tial thoughts up lat­er, but the ini­tial splat has to come out ana­logue. Even after I’ve typed stuff, I then print it out and scrib­ble all over it again after­wards.” Ben Blench on cre­ative soft­ware, with an unex­pect­ed detour into Nick Cave coun­try.

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Kars Alfrink

Kars is a designer, researcher and educator focused on emerging technologies, social progress and the built environment.