Let’s see if we can post from IMified

So I’m giv­ing IMi­fied (www.imified.com) a spin and have just added the Word­Press ser­vice to see if it works. For those that haven’t heard about IMi­fied yet; it allows you to do a num­ber of things through instant mes­sag­ing (MSN, Google Talk, what­ev­er). For instance add stuff to your Back­pack account, or like I’m doing now, write a blog post. Let’s pub­lish this to see what hap­pens, hit­ting ‘return’…

Update: Looks like it’s work­ing! I had to man­u­al­ly insert the link to the web­site and also go into Word­Press to add some cat­e­gories, so it’s only real­ly use­ful when you want to fire off a quick note. As a bonus, here’s the Adi­um win­dow with a tran­script of the IMi­fied ses­sion.

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Kars Alfrink

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3 thoughts on “Let’s see if we can post from IMified”

  1. Leuk con­cept. Het is mij helaas nog niet gelukt mijn Blog­ger-set­tings aan de praat te kri­j­gen, dus nog geen post via chat-bot voor mij… 

    Wat een rare reac­tie hier­boven trouwens, wat is daar nu gebeurt?

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