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One of the most enjoy­able things about attend­ing con­fer­ences is see­ing a lot of peo­ple pre­sent­ing in var­i­ous ways. A while ago I chal­lenged my own pre­sent­ing skills by doing a Pecha Kucha. Today, I attend­ed a class (part of a didac­tics course) on giv­ing lec­tures. Two promi­nent lec­tur­ers (Giep Hagoort and Jeroen van Mas­trigt) from with­in the Utrecht School of Arts gave us a taste of their own unique pre­sen­ta­tion for­mat and the way they pre­pared for a talk. 

This trig­gered some things in my head, such as stuff I’d seen before on the web and that could be help­ful to the peo­ple attend­ing the class. A lot of them did­n’t seem to be too famil­iar with it, so I’ve decid­ed to col­lect them here. Maybe they’ll come in handy to those who pass by here:

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2 thoughts on “On presentations”

  1. I think it’s very cool that you did a Pecha Kucha. The dom­i­nance of design­ers and archi­tects in the Pecha Kucha-for­mat makes for some seri­ous­ly very bor­ing pre­sen­ta­tions. The for­mat can use some shak­ing up.

  2. Thanks Alper. I agree that Pecha Kucha could use some fresh air. I did have fun though, regard­less of all the archi­tects and such. Of course, I’m a design­er myself so I guess that helps. :-)

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