I final­ly got around to watch­ing Crash on DVD yes­ter­day evening and I must say it’s one of the best things I’ve seen in quite a while. The sto­ry revolves around a large group of seem­ing­ly uncon­nect­ed char­ac­ters whose lives get inter­twined through a series of car crash­es. Mag­no­lia did this before expert­ly, this film does it even bet­ter per­haps – nev­er giv­ing you the feel­ing the run-ins between peo­ple are forced. The dri­ving force and main sub­ject of the film is racism, I’ve hard­ly ever seen the top­ic han­dled so thought­ful­ly. There’s a lot of ambi­gu­i­ty, no clear-cut good or bad guys and as a watch­er you’re forced to con­stant­ly re-exam­ine your pre­con­cep­tions about the char­ac­ters. In short – huge­ly enjoyable!

Michael Pena as Daniel in Crash

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