Leapfroglog now with MonsterID

MonsterID for Kars Alfrink

Just a quick note to let my readers know the comments are now adorned with cute little MonsterIDs. I used this cool plug-in to generate unique monster pictures based on the email address a commenter leaves behind. Curious what yours looks like? Leave a comment and see. The image shown here is my monster (based on kars at leapfrog dot nl).

I used to have gravatars, but they didn’t work as well because hardly any commenters actually have a gravatar registered. These MonsterIDs do the hard work for the user. I like having images in the comments to be able to quickly see who commented and which comments are from the same user. It also helps tell apart people that leave behind the same name.

And, of course, these monsters look great!

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Kars Alfrink

Kars is an independent interaction and game designer who makes things with technology for play, learning and creativity.

  • Glad to see you like it. Let me know if you have any suggestions or problems. Enjoy your monsters.

  • Tom

    Just curious how my monster avatar looks like!

  • Tom

    Oh no, no amoeba!!

  • Scott: it’s awesome. Commenting for the first time feels kind of like a lottery! No problems on this end with the install.

    Tom: yes, an amoeba. MonsterID knows your true identity.

  • I’m not a monster!!

  • What the *@@#?

  • Ah excellent, that monster suits you Ed!

  • Floris

    What kind of monster would i be??

  • Floris

    hmnnnn blue furball shaped monster…

  • as long as my monster looks like a beercan I’m fine…

  • Floris

    it sort of does peter…:)

  • Floris

    and with my office mail

  • Floris

    looks like a potatoman :)…stick with the blue furrrrrrr

  • Tom

    I like Peter’s MonsterID, can I have it?

  • Tom

    Looks like the MonsterID also depents on the client’s IP?

  • Admin

    Nope, you used a different email address earlier, hence the other monster. And no monster swapping, sorry!