Reboot 8.0 questions

Here’s some ques­tions to ask dur­ing Reboot 8.0 (heard after Michael Thom­sen’s talk on renaissance?):

What’s the point of it all? Is it actu­al­ly going to hap­pen? Re-renais­sance? What’s the impact of cur­rent way of writ­ing on our think­ing? What hap­pens to pri­va­cy when we’re inter­con­nect­ed? What will be the next phase of democ­ra­cy? Are we doing every­thing we can with cur­rent tech? How do we work togeth­er on larg­er scale to improve the world (e.g. Amnesty)? How can we be more hon­est with users of our tech? What is the next step? Where are the lifeboats on our titan­ic? What will not change? What will our chil­dren think of all this? How can we mon­i­tor this change and make it account­able? If all this stops what trade will you do tomor­row? Is this the end of nation states and will we live in 2nd Life? How can we be smarter togeth­er? Are we on thee verge of let­ting mas­sive avail­abil­i­ty kill the idea of greatness?