Rough notes from Euan Semple — There’s something going on here that is bigger than any of us

What does it all mean?

Print­ing press anal­o­gy. Press changed the way we saw the world. We’ll have sim­i­lar shift in the future (long term). But: they used to burn heretics as well. Not every­one will want to adopt this.

7 years since Clue­train: lots of stuff is still the same

Change will not hap­pen thanks to tech.

Three myths

  1. Hier­ar­chy is the only way to orga­nize stuff, from church through mil­i­tary, etc. but: hyper­links sub­vert hier­ar­chy. Once peo­ple start employ­ing them it has a dis­rup­tive effect, break­ing though hier­ar­chies.
  2. If we take cer­tain steps we’ll be suc­cess­ful. But suc­cess got scram­bled.
  3. Carte­sian anx­i­ety: stress due to sep­a­ra­tion of indi­vid­ual and rest of the world (per­spec­tive). Mis­un­der­stand­ing of evo­lu­tion, it should be about pass­ing around what works (faster), not killing off the weak.

It’s eas­i­er to do good than to do bad” — Jim­my Wales

LOVE: that’s what makes the inter­net hang togeth­er (and it’s not about the huge amounts of porn). Tol­er­ance, the need to con­nect. Reboot is very much about this.

Inter­net cre­ates oppor­tu­ni­ties for bet­ter under­stand­ing of shared mean­ing.

Every­thing is moti­vat­ed by love or fear and fear is just absence of love.

He didn’t get where he was today… by using fear.

Col­lu­sion: peo­ple don’t want to admit to what they’re doing is wrong.

Anar­chy actu­al­ly means the ulti­mate in democ­ra­cy. Is it so bad to frag­ment huge insti­tu­tions.

Every soci­ety has peo­ple that see them­selves as main­tain­ers of order (although they don’t know what that order is).

The web cuts out the mid­dle men (main­tain­ers of order).

The idea that the online world is imma­ture and dan­ger­ous is wrong. Google nev­er for­gets. Think about the stuff you say.

Don’t com­plain, don’t say no.

Do the right thing.

Stat­ing the obvi­ous, say the way you think the world should be and it’ll turn out that way.

See­ing some­thing inter­est­ing, then judg­ing your­self if it’s valu­able enough and pub­lish­ing it. Oth­er peo­ple doing the same as an effect and on and on.

It’s not about tech. but it isn’t utopia either. You should take respon­si­bil­i­ty for what you do.

Dalai Lama quote: it’s about rela­tion­ships and being social.­thinggoingonherethatisbig­gerthananyof_us