Just post­ing this because I linked to it in the pre­vi­ous post but the imagery is just too won­der­ful not to include.

A device to wres­tle with the STRONGEST ANIMAL IN THE WORLD: the rhi­noc­er­os bee­tle. This device includes a head-and-body mount­ed dis­play that equips humans with the appendages required to inter­act (with the males at least). In addi­tion it scales us and our forces to the bee­tle pro­por­tions grant­i­ng us sim­i­lar manip­u­la­tive capac­i­ties and even play­ing field; an archi­tec­ture of reci­procity.” (via Chris Woe­bken I Bee­tle Wrestler)

Was point­ed to this by Ianus. Alexan­dra tweets

So far it seems this year’s #SXSW key launch has been an app you play with your cat. Maybe now is the time to let Lin­don and Berlin shine.”

So yeah, a mar­ket­ing game about cat food. Ho hum. It’s a shame there’s not much more going on here beyond slap­ping at a screen as fast as possible.

The piece also men­tions “Friskies hailed the game as the world’s first ever duel-species game.” Not true. I won’t talk about Pig Chase, ‘cause that’s not a playable game yet. But there’s plen­ty of pri­or art. My favorite: Bee­tle Wrestler (2008), by Chris Woe­bken, Natal­ie Jere­mi­jenko, Lee Von Kraus and Leigha Dennis.

(via First Ever iPad Game Lets You Play Against Your Cat — DesignTAXI.com)

More ani­mal weird­ness. Not exact­ly sure what this means but the image of a pig with parts miss­ing, as if it’s par­tial­ly eat­en but still alive is strange­ly allur­ing. I also find the lla­ma-like cows dis­turbing­ly cute.

Love­ly mod­els by Kate McGreevy (by mattward)

Against fre­quent efforts to dis­miss objects as fan­tasies assem­bled by humans from a pre-giv­en sur­face of expe­ri­enced con­tents, I con­tend that real­i­ty is object-ori­ent­ed. Real­i­ty is made up of noth­ing but sub­stances — and they are weird sub­stances with a taste of the uncan­ny about them, rather than stiff blocks of sim­plis­tic phys­i­cal matter.