Indeed, Noon seems to take the “play” from lit­er­ary play and the “game” from writ­ing game and whorl the words into unique­ly dis­tilled forms. This strat­e­gy is not only com­pelled by the desire to exper­i­ment; that is, Noon asks in the “Post Futur­ism Man­i­festo,” “can’t we writ­ers have some fun as well?””

Noon’s writ­ing games are metaphor­i­cal exer­cis­es that give him license to play with text and sur­prise him­self. The approach has led to some of the most mem­o­rable weird fic­tion I’ve ever read.

(via “You are cor­dial­ly invit­ed to a / CHEMICAL WEDDING”: Meta­mor­phic­tion and Exper­i­men­ta­tion in Jeff Noon’s Cobralin­gus | Elec­tron­ic Book Review)

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