Sim­u­la­tion titles that fol­low Bogost’s line of under­stand­ing of what con­sti­tutes a videogame tend to have this prob­lem: they believe in a utopia where sys­tems and rules and mechan­ics can be full of mean­ing, for­get­ting that as humans, we are not Carte­sian machines, for we also think with our sens­es and emo­tions and under­stand the world by touch­ing, see­ing and hear­ing it.

Videogame Utopia: Pas­sage Denied, a “Papers Please” review | MetaGame

I am not entire­ly con­vinced sys­tems are sep­a­rate from emo­tions. But this is an inter­est­ing cri­tique of Papers Please, regardless.

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