Man’s first attempts at mak­ing his own deci­sions are called div­ina­tion. Exam­ples are the study­ing of omens, watch­ing the stars, throw­ing and study­ing sticks and bones (sor­ti­lege), ‘read­ing’ ani­mals’ intestines, etcetera. These are all meth­ods that project the will of the gods, who were still thought to exist, into the exter­nal world. So deci­sion mak­ing was in this phase a process that took place in the world, not in the mind.

Artike­len van Erik Wei­jers — Sum­ma­ry

I love this. Deci­sion mak­ing in the world, not in the mind. And although as it is described here, this tran­si­tion­al phase in man’s cog­ni­tion is behind us, in many oth­er ways it of course isn’t.

The ori­gin of con­scious­ness described here also jibes in many ways with what I’ve been read­ing in Metaphors We Live By.

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