In a healthy medi­um you have artists push­ing the lim­its,” he says. “Most of them push in the wrong direc­tion and fail. Every now and again some­one push­es in an inter­est­ing direc­tion and every­one fol­lows. It’s not hap­pen­ing in games, apart from indies. Of course, most of their stuff is crap. But every now and again some­one comes along with some­thing that is new, dif­fer­ent and inter­est­ing.

30 Years Lat­er, One Man Is Still Try­ing To Fix Video Games

Enjoy­able pro­file on Craw­ford who despite his failed exper­i­ments of the past years, or per­haps thanks to them, is still one of the most thought-pro­vok­ing fig­ures in “the indus­try”. I am par­tic­u­lar­ly fond of his insis­tence on invent­ing new verbs. 

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