IA Summit 2007 — one week to go

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While we’re on the top­ic of attend­ing events: I’m lucky enough to attend this year’s IA Sum­mit. It’s all the way in Las Vegas (a long flight from my hum­ble coun­try) so there’ll be plen­ty of jet lag to cope with. Also it’s just the con­fer­ence for me, no time to attend the pre-con­fer­ence work­shops (which is a shame real­ly, because there’s plen­ty of inter­est­ing stuff). Regard­less, I’m look­ing for­ward to expe­ri­enc­ing the moth­er­ship con­fer­ence after two years of being at the Euro IA Sum­mit and meet­ing lots of new inter­est­ing peo­ple. Per­haps I’ll see you there?

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5 thoughts on “IA Summit 2007 — one week to go”

  1. That’s cool Alexan­dra, I was look­ing for­ward to attend­ing the pan­el for some time. I’ll go say hi for sure, I’m a big fan of Mat­t’s and Tom’s work!

  2. Poor Peter, try­ing to com­pete in the atten­tion from social web junkies with Tom Coates and Matt Bid­dulph is a fool­hardy task indeed! ;-)

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