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First of all: hap­py new year to those I haven’t yet met in per­son! I’ll kick off the year with a post (thanks Peter). Nev­er one to pass up a meme1, I’ll tell you five things you might not know about me (this could get embarrassing).

  1. I enjoy play­ing role­play­ing games (the old school pen & paper vari­ety) and have been doing it on and off since puber­ty. Like many I start­ed out with D&D, CoC and Vam­pire. The past few year’s I’ve been play­ing a lot of indie RPGs. Play­ing these games (and some SNES clas­sics) might have got­ten me inter­est­ed in inter­ac­tion and game design… The best indie game I’ve played so far? Dogs in the Vine­yard.
  2. In my grad­u­a­tion year at the Utrecht School of Arts I spent three months doing research, writ­ing a the­sis and teach­ing at a media lab in Cos­ta Rica. Not only did that fire my appetite for trav­el­ling to trop­i­cal locales, but it also made me deter­mined to start work­ing in the inter­net indus­try. One of the research pro­to­types I came up with was a Flickr-like pro­to­type. I might throw that back up on-line some­time this year.
  3. I like to cook (although my old-style elec­tri­cal stove is giv­ing me headaches, got­ta get that kitchen refit­ted). My favourite foods are Ital­ian (my par­en­t’s fault), Japan­ese (got start­ed on that because of the mar­tial art I prac­tice) and Indone­sian (although my girl­friend is best at cook­ing that).
  4. I’m a hor­ror afi­ciona­do, watch­ing scary hor­ror films is a guilty plea­sure of mine. The best hor­ror flick I saw last year? That must have been The Descent.
  5. Recent­ly I’ve start­ed hav­ing an inter­est in wine, this must be the def­i­nite turn­ing point for me becom­ing a snob. I have yet to devel­op any real taste and have a hard time describ­ing what my mouth tells me (does that sound obscene?) I do seem to pre­fer heavy Ital­ian wines (such as Nero d’Avola). Matt Skin­ner has been a good help.

Now to tag five oth­ers… I guess I’ll both­er Edgar, Tom, Iskan­der, Alper and Almar with this sil­ly meme. Sor­ry guys!

1 Even though it’s been rag­ing since Jan­u­ary last year and reached two peaks: first around July and sec­ond in Decem­ber (thanks Tech­no­rati)!

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3 thoughts on “I’ve been blog tagged”

  1. Thanks for playing! :-)

    I think I heard you men­tion RPGs once, and I was quick­ly remind­ed of the cou­ple of nights I spent in my then-girl­friend’s house, watch­ing her play what I think was a Star Wars themed game with some friends. I sup­pose I’d be an okay game-mas­ter if I want­ed to, but the play­ers would need to be very good friends as well as decent actors/comedians… Fat chance, I guess ;-)

    Did you devel­op the Flickr-like pro­to­type with­out know­ing it exist­ed, or was this before Flickr became what it is now and was still called Game Neverending?

    And cheers on the food and wine addic­tions! I look for­ward to prepar­ing food and select­ing the wines for our col­leagues next month!

    (Oh, the last link to Tech­no­rati does­n’t seem to work…)

  2. Peter, thanks for tag­ging me (I think). Actu­al­ly to play a decent game, you would­n’t need good actors or come­di­ans, you’ll find it comes quite nat­u­ral­ly. It does help if the play­ers are friends. A lot really.

    The pro­to­type is bet­ter described as a Flickr avant la letre (although Flickr was and is of course many times more advanced). Basi­cal­ly it was a pho­to­blog tool that includ­ed tag­ging amongst others.

    By the way, I fixed the link to the Tech­no­rati chart.

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