X‑Men 3 mini-review

Poster from X-Men 3 set reading 'Mutant Rights Now' After a nice week­end in Barcelona I sat down togeth­er with my bet­ter half to watch X‑Men 3, which was final­ly released on DVD. My over­all impres­sion: anoth­er kick-ass super­hero movie and a wor­thy series finale (I do hope they real­ly stop). Some minor gripes: there were quite a few new char­ac­ters (which is good) but they did­n’t get enough time to build into full-fledged per­son­al­i­ties. Most notably Archangel. I also felt the movie start­ed to buck­le under the weight of the huge epic action sequences by the end. I pre­fer small­er scale bat­tles like we had in the first two movies, where you can clear­ly see the indi­vid­ual mutants use their pow­ers (a huge part of the fun of these kinds of movies). All in all: recommended.

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Kars Alfrink

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