Edgeio launches

Devel­op­ment of an open plat­form for list­ings con­tin­ues with yes­ter­day’s launch of Edgeio. This ser­vice picks up on blog post that are marked as a list­ing using a Micro­for­mat-like tag and col­lects them on a web­site for users to search through. They have some nifty inter­faces in place to allow you to zoom in on list­ings that are close to you. One thing they haven’t addressed yet (but are aware of) is the prob­lem of fake list­ings and spam.

Struc­tured Blog­ging is work­ing in the same field, but from a dif­fer­ent angle (focussing on the blog­gers, not the site that col­lects list­ings). I wrote about them ear­li­er over here (in Dutch). The biggest chal­lenge for the Edgeio crew is prob­a­bly gain­ing crit­i­cal mass to be able to com­pete with the likes of eBay.

Every­one was blog­ging about this yes­ter­day, here are some of the posts:

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