Goodbye DK, Hello NL

A photo of the Oude Gracht in Utrecht, the Netherlands taken by Josef F. Stuefer

And that was it. After exactly one year in Copenhagen I am back in Utrecht. I enjoyed my time in Denmark tremendously, it has proven to be a great place to start my new life as a freelance designer. Now I will continue my practice over here. Different city, same international outlook.

The final period in Copenhagen consisted mainly of me speaking at a lot of conferences. First there was The Web and Beyond, then came From Business to Buttons, NLGD Festival of Games and finally Reboot — I could not have wished for a better going-away party.

There is not much time to catch my breath, however. I have client projects happening throughout July and of course there is also plenty of unpacking and merging of the old and new life to be done. I hope to publish the NLGD and Reboot stuff shortly, but it might take me a while.

Now that I am back in the Netherlands, I can also move forward with some small plans I’ve had for some time: one being a local design event and the other a ‘different’ kind of office space. I am also still looking for a creative technologist to partner up with on potential future projects. If any of this piques your interest, do drop me a line.

Photo credits: Josef F. Stuefer.

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Kars Alfrink

Kars is an independent interaction and game designer who makes things with technology for play, learning and creativity.

  • Kars, I tried to click on “a local design event” (since it was bold, like other links) and was sad to not see a link. Care to share your ideas?

  • Kars

    That’s a shortcoming of the theme I am currently running, I’m afraid. Mr. Powazek does not believe in underlined links, for some reason. :-(

    I will soon be able to say more about that local event over here. I am afraid that, for now, you will have to wait and see. But don’t worry: I’m not going to compete with your wonderful cocktail hours.

  • Kars

    While I’m in between themes I have quickly turned on underlining of links for you, Peter.

  • thanks!

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