I design the dialogue between people
and the products & services they use, with the help of a broad range of sketching and prototyping techniques.

Recent work

Ideation software

Evolution of a page; several sketches, a finished wireframe (not including the annotations) and a mind-map of all the page's elements.

For an undisclosed start-up I helped formalise the conceptual model, and designed the interactions of the key screens, of a social web app. The application is aimed at supporting ideation processes of individuals, companies and other organisations. This was a high-pressure, short-time-span project. I was based in the Netherlands, the client in Copenhagen, Denmark. The process was characterised by rapid iteration on sketches, that I delivered on a daily basis.

Social web app expert review

As the review progresses, a wall fills itself with sticky notes, each containing a finding.

I evaluated the user experience of Wakoopa – a Dutch social web app that enables you to track what software you use and recommends new software based on that data. The evaluation was done in the form of an expert review with the help of UX heuristics from several sources. The review uncovered both low-hanging fruit solvable on a tactical level and larger issues that relate to Wakoopa's long-term strategy. In the report, I suggest possible solutions for each issue.

Casual MMOG

Early stage sketches of the game's user interface, done in such a way that they can be walked through to experience the system's flow.

For an undisclosed start-up I designed the experience of a casual, hybrid massively multiplayer online game. My contribution mainly consisted of storyboards and user interface sketches. I was part of an international, geographically dispersed project team. You can find some thoughts about the design of casual MMOGs at my blog.

Gestural interfaces

One of the final storyboards (others underneath) showing how a digital chess game can retain state across contexts.

I assisted Sweden's premier interaction design consultancy InUse with the visualisation of possible multi-touch interactions for a gated community. The client was one of Scandinavia's biggest real-estate developers. My output consisted of three detailed storyboards that were used as part of a pitch presentation. Read more about the background of this project at my blog.

Mobile social gaming

Several of the finished UI sketches and flowcharts for the Game Creator web application.

For mobile social gaming start-up Playyoo, I acted as the principal game design consultant. I assisted in the development of the service's concept and provided interaction designs of one crucial component of Playyoo's system—the Game Creator. My output consisted of a wide range of design deliverables and I frequently worked with Playyoo's design and development team onsite in Lugano, Switzerland and Tallinn, Estonia. I presented a detailed case study of Playyoo at the 2008 Game Developers Conference. More posts about Playyoo can be found at my blog.


I am currently supervising a group of graduate students at the Utrecht School of the Arts. They are doing a project as part of their European Media Master of Arts. For their client, a major mobile phone manufacturer, they are developing innovative social and musical game concepts. A few of those will be prototyped to a playable level. I am mainly coaching them in their process, helping them to become more proficient in ideation techniques, sketching, prototyping and generally documenting and presenting their work and reflecting on it.

Before this, I taught a course in mobile game design for second year Game Design & Development students. The course aims to get students to move beyond the common pitfall of trying to replicate the console gaming experience on a phone. It gently forces them to move into such territories as pervasive, locative and physical gaming, ARGs and other fringe gaming phenomena. At the same time, the students are encouraged to gain experience in working with Flash Lite as a prototyping environment. A description of the eight-week course (PDF, in Dutch) can be found at the HKU website.-->

Event organization & curation

Photo of This happened – Utrecht #1 crowd having drinks, by Yohan Creemers.

This happened – Utrecht #1 attendees having drinks after the show. Photo courtesy of Yohan Creemers.

In 2008 I initiated the Dutch branch of This happened; a series of lectures dedicated to the stories behind interaction design. I co organize and curate This happened – Utrecht together with Ianus Keller and Alexander Zeh. With the events, we hope to contribute to the growth of IxD as discipline and as a craft. We also hope to show that interaction design cuts across domains (product design, architecture, game design, etc.) and to create a meeting place for professional from these different fields.

Speaking and other output

I regularly speak at conferences on subjects related to interaction– and game design.

Leapfroglog is my public note– and sketchbook.

Previous experience

I have previously worked as an interaction designer and information architect at a couple of web agencies. Projects included leading the further creative development of a virtual world for CliniClowns Netherlands, and developing a new concept for IENS—the Netherlands' first people-powered restaurant review site. Earlier, I designed the web component of a cross-media detective game for Dutch broadcaster KRO. I hold a BA in interaction design and an MA in game design (cum laude) from the Utrecht School of the Arts. My graduation work focussed on MMOGs as well as hypertext narratives.