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Books I’ve Read in 2011

Thought I’d do this again. I read 27 books last year, almost exclusively on my Kindle. Below is a list, in order of finish date (latest first). I highlighted five favorites and provided a bit of commentary.

  1. For its heartwarming humanism and great marriage of form and message. Most fun book about fun. []
  2. Beautiful, lyrical portrayal of the end of the world that hits you like a sledgehammer. []
  3. Unparalleled in the originality and believability of its envisioned future. No-one has a feel for near-future fashion and leisure like Ballard. []
  4. Tough but rewarding read that provides a solid framework for thinking about the aesthetics of all things procedural. []
  5. Essential PKD, deep meditation on what it means to be human wrapped in a scifi detective plot. []