links for 2008-01-25

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Kars Alfrink

Kars is an independent interaction and game designer who makes things with technology for play, learning and creativity.

  • Can we wrap up this silly persona discussion now?

    Hey, don’t look at me! Blame Josh!!

  • Heh, yeah I know Jared. It does seem the UX community needs to have one of these discussions every year or so…

    By the way—I had an interesting discussion about this with a social scientist today. (Hej Jane, if you’re reading.) We both agreed it’s silly to treat persona documentation as end products that are a goal in itself. As you point out the importance lies mostly in the construction of them. Jane pointed out that any time a persona document is put to use, it changes as well (or at least should change). So it’s process, not product.

  • Yah, I agree. That’s the right way to think about it.